Lead Management

    Real Time Lead Integration
Capture your lead information at the time of interest! The intergration of webmagicportal.com ensures you will capture every lead when they are most interested in your business.
Move lead information in and out of webmagicportal.com with ease. Standard CSV file layouts allow you to integrate webmagicportal.com with your other systems.
    Task Management
Create Lead assigned tasks to help you manage your day to day activities, boosting your performance.
Keep in touch with your lead base by creating and sending emails within webmagicportal.com. With our built in Template(s) keeping your lead base informed is easy, fast and efficient.
    History tracking
Track all your lead activity within webmagicportal. User defined fields allow you to track as little or as much information as you desire.

AD Management

    Create and Maintain your ADs
Compose, Publish, and Maintain you online Advertising in one central space.
    Publish to any locale
Webmagicportal.com supports many online advertising venues to maximize your online exposure. Best of all if we don't have it you just add it! Totally customizable for your needs.
    Track AD Effectiveness
Get summary counts on how each one of your ADs is performing. Knowing which AD is working and which one is not is critical.
Tie each AD to a Branding profile. At


    Define Who and What you are
ADs will get their interest, but Branding will seal the deal! Create customized text and images to tell the world Who you are and what you do!
Customize each Branding profile any way you want with as many as you want. Have your logo, photos, and customized text display the way you desire.
Create email notifications to your self and/or your leads. Have a custom message be sent to your lead when they submit their lead information. Constant contact is another tool Branding provides to keep you in the forefront!